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Our first week of submissions from our Google Guides was all about GOOGLE DOCS, and how we are using it in our classrooms. Submissions came from around Sydney ranging from stage 2 to Stage 6. It is great to see that Google Docs is being leveraged as a powerful collaborative and productive tool by many of our teachers and students. Our CloudShare Classroom showcase this week is from Lauren Batty. 

This activity was used in Year 11 English - 

Students read a text and were required to respond to the question at the top of the doc: 

They completed this individually then used their individual paragraph and that of a partner to construct a "Super paragraph" in pairs. All "Super Paragraphs" were loaded onto a Google Doc. 

The collaborative nature of Google docs easily allowed me to facilitate peer assessment. Key elements of the question were colour coded and pairs annotated each other's paragraphs to identify the strengths and areas for improvement. They used the comment facility to annotate further and could see that if a colour was missing from the paragraphs, so was key content/ analysis. I was then able to assess student understanding not only from their own "Super Paragraphs" but also from the level of insight they offered through the colour coding and comments.