What is eLearning?

eLearning includes the use of a range of digital technologies, such as, computers, the School network, the Internet, mobile devices (iPads), digital/video cameras, scanners, projectors and SMARTboards to enhance student learning.


What is BYODD and how will it work at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Como/ Oyster Bay?

BYODD stands for Bring Your Own Designated Device. At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, students utilise technological devices, more specifically Chromebooks, as part of their learning in the classroom on a daily basis. Due to their speed and compatibility, Chromebooks are the only designated device to be brought to school under the BYODD policy in Year 4, 2017. Chromebooks will ensure equity amongst all students, as they will all be using the same type of device. The Chromebook is not a compulsory item to be brought to school, but it is recommended, as the students in upper primary will complete a maximum 2 hours of online activities per day. Chromebooks operate through students’ Google CloudShare accounts. Their email, documents and drive are all easily accessed through a single sign on. Student use of the Chromebook at school falls under the guidelines of the school's Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement 2016. Access to the internet is monitored through our school's content filtering software and all rules/expectations are applied to the use of the Chromebooks.

Year 4 will be the first stage to implement St Joseph's BYODD program. These students will then have access to their devices as they move into Stage 3 (Y
ears 5 and 6). Each new Year 4 grade will begin the BYODD program at the start of each year.

We are committed to supporting students who can't participate in the program, by ensuring they will be able to access a device in the learning space during school hours.

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