Support and Extension Programs

At Blessed Sacrament, the needs of the learner are catered for through a range of programs.

Learning Support

Special Needs and Intervention specialist teachers work with individuals and small groups of students to support specific learning needs. In our endeavours to cater for the diverse needs of students, we offer a variety of programmes including classroom and small group support for numeracy, literacy and a spelling program – Spelling Mastery. Individual education programs are designed to meet the specific needs of individual students. This involves collaboration between parents and teachers.

Reading Recovery

The Reading Recovery Program is available to Year One students who are experiencing difficulty. This assists students to develop their reading skills with a one to one tutor program.

Gifted Education 

Gifted Education programs assist students to be challenged in their learning. Opportunities are provided to extend and enrich students' learning in many areas of the curriculum. Identification of students, the collation of information in individual student profiles supported by the differentiation of programs, cater for the individual student’s development and learning. This assists students to reach their full potential and this process also involves collaboration between parents and teachers. There are many opportunities for students to pursue their interests and we actively engage with outside facilitators to provide these opportunities.

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (library) has an extensive, collection of current fiction and non-fiction literature which the children access on a daily basis.

Each year the students are encouraged to enter the Premier’s Reading Challenge to help develop and encourage their love of reading.

We also celebrate Book Week each year with a Book parade and other literacy-based activities. The students have the opportunity to be creative and choose a favourite character from a book to create and parade – it is always a colourful exhibition and the students, staff and parents have lots of fun during this event. We also have a poetry recital, book week trivia, competitions to promote books and we finish the week with 'Books on Blankets', which all the students enjoy.


A Robotics program is offered to students as an extracurricular activity on Friday.

Debating Program

Interschool debating challenges are held during Term 3. Students in Years 5 & 6 are encouraged to participate in this with other schools in the Eastern Region.


Chess Club is offered as a lunchtime activity each Thursday in the Winter terms. An instructor tutors the students. An update with details is published in the school newsletter during the year.