P&F Constitution 2017

Blessed Sacrament Parents & Friends 

Blessed Sacrament has a strong tradition as a caring and supportive community. This benefits the children and provides many opportunities for the parents to meet and enjoy the company of other families within the school.

Who are we and what do we do?

The P&F aims 'to promote and foster a co-operative spirit among parents, teachers and students' and to provide a means for all involved with the school to meet socially.

The P&F is all of you. We do have a committee to keep everybody on their toes but mainly the input comes from all the mums and dads.

P&F activities are organised by a number of people including the committee, the class parents and members of the wider school community. In addition many parents volunteer to undertake various one-off projects or assist in events during the year. So this year, as in the past, there will be many opportunities for you to participate in the school community whilst making new friends.

Class parents

This is an important job but not a hard one. If you don't have a class parent then how will you know when morning tea is on? The class parent helps other parents, particularly new parents, by being the friendly face that can answers queries regarding the operation of the school.

In addition the class parent is a member of the Functions Committee, co-ordinates the Class Function and other events for class parents including morning teas, dinners, and get-togethers to welcome and farewell class members during the year. The nature and number of class functions is agreed between the parents so see your class parent and offer to host or arrange a get-together for your class – they are always good fun!

Who does what

Each class is responsible for organising an event on the school calendar. Some of these are social, some support our children's education and some of them raise the necessary funds we need to support and supplement our children' education.

Kindergarten — Keep the Mums happy

Kinder parents organise the Mother's Day stall for the school. Each child brings a present up to $5 value and purchases a gift at the stall for $2 – some great bargains for the children as well as the thrill of that special purchase for Mum. (Note: Try to send in gifts that you would like to receive…we all know that given a choice, our children will buy us a lovely digimon if it's on offer!)

In addition the Kindergarten parents, who already have a child at the school, provide morning tea at the Kinder Information/Orientation Session. This event offers a chance for parents to mix and mingle and hear how well and happy the children are at the school.

Year 1 - Starts the Party rolling

Year 1 parents arrange the Welcome Cocktail Party. This is a special hello to the new families held early in Term 1.

The Year 1 parents also provide an 'At home Champagne and Tissues morning tea' on Kindergarten's first day of school. This is a comfort (or celebration!) for all Kindy parents during this time of transition from home to school.

In addition, the Year 1 parents also organise and provide the morning tea for Grandparents Day.

Year 2 - Raise the big bucks

Year 2 has the responsibility for the 'Major Fundraiser'. As the name implies this is the Big Event and the main source of funding for the P&F. See the school calendar for all these events.

For the major fundraiser, Year 2 parents devise the theme, the venue and arrange the fundraising activities, and the rest of the community participate in one of the most enjoyable evenings in our calendar and find many great ways to spend their money. The efforts of these parents are greatly appreciated by the teachers and the students as this event provides funds for many worthwhile extras (and some necessities) in the school.

Year 3 - Keep the Mums and Dads happy

Year 3 parents organise the Mother's Day and Father's Day Breakfast, a beautiful experience for all the family. Year 3 parents also organise and serve the morning tea following our First Communion celebrations.

Year 4 - End of Year Celebration

Year 4 parents plan the Christmas function, which is held in December, at the conclusion of the year. The Year 4 parents also organise and provide the morning tea for our Open Day.

Year 5 - Say Goodbye

Year 5 parents host the farewell drinks for Year 6 and other families leaving the school. This is held after the Graduation Mass at the end of the school year.

In addition, the Year 5 parents also organise and provide the morning tea for Grandparents Day.

Year 6

Year 6 parents assist their children in undertaking a fundraising (Mission Day) with the proceeds donated to St John's School, Auburn. The Year 6 parents operate the sausage sizzle bbq for lunch. The day usually involves some fun activities at the school whilst teaching all the children to appreciate their position and assist those who are less fortunate.

Year 6 parents are responsible for cleaning the church before the End of Year Graduation Mass.

The Year 6 parents also organise a social function for the Melbourne Cup (optional).

Food, Glorious Food - The Tuckshop

Of course, the children love this and it is amazing to see the infants gain confidence over the years as they try to negotiate with the parents on duty!

A huge vote of thanks to our tuckshop team who coordinates the operation of the Tuckshop, it is open each Monday. We

appreciate the help of all parents who support this by either volunteering to do a shift at the Tuckshop or baking for the tuckshop.

The tuckshop opens at Recess and Lunch.

P&F Meeting Dates

P&F meetings are held once a term. At these meetings, we discuss matters regarding the operation of the P&F.

Things you should know:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • The meetings only last 90minutes!
  • If you're not there you may be volunteered for something!
  • You get a great insight into what is going on in the school
  • It's free!

Refer to events diary.

Who is organising this?

The P&F committee is elected every year at the first P&F meeting.

2018 members are:

  • President: Nicky Kerr
  • Vice President: Jenny Schmidt
  • Secretary: Virginia Timmins
  • Treasurer: Sarah Allsopp

Where do you fit in?

The P&F doesn't work without you! We need your help, your ideas and your input. Don't think that it's okay because someone else will go or do it or have that idea. If we all thought like that then nothing would happen.

We look forward to hearing from everyone.

Have a great year and see you at the next meeting of the P&F Committee.