Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the community of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School strives to:

Learn Love Live

Learn   Ensuring High-Quality Teaching and Learning
  • promote excellence in education through quality teaching and learning.
  • inspire students to become enthusiastic life-long learners.
  • nurture and empower children to use their talents to contribute positively to a changing world.

Love      Celebrating being Catholic

  • nurture the religious and spiritual dimension in the life of our school.
  • experience the beliefs, practices and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • Respect and value the achievement of each individual.
  • foster a strong sense of belonging and warmth.
Live   Making a Difference in our World
  • develop an effective partnership between home, school and parish and the wider community.
  • acknowledge the charism of our founders the Lochinvar Sisters of St Joseph.
  • promote a generosity of spirit to support those in need.

Our Vision

From 2018 - 2020 we will continue to develop as a Catholic faith community that values our Catholic identity, history and traditions.

Our Vision for Learning 2018-2020
Quality and holistic pastoral care responds to and is essential for student wellbeing.

1. Authentic learning experiences are embedded in practice to equip students with the skills to be effective lifelong learners.
2.  Learning is personalised and students are provided with opportunities to exercise choice as they pursue areas of passion and interest.
3. The community collaborates to affirm the inherent dignity of each person and respect the right for all to learn and experience success.

As a learning community, we will provide an opportunity for all staff to further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of 21st-century pedagogy.

As an educating community, we will meet the challenge of providing for the diverse learning needs of students within a safe, respectful and supportive environment.

We are an inclusive school community that welcomes families from the local area and abroad. 

We are thrilled to welcome families relocating from overseas into our community.

Strategic Improvement Plan 2018-2020