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From the parents

A message from the parents

posted 11 Sep 2018, 18:49 by Maryanne O'Brien

"As parents, we are thrilled with Blessed Sacrament for our daughter. To us it feels like we’re enjoying a rare privilege for our daughter to be part of a small school, where she can enjoy a nurturing, warm and friendly community.  We love that the children across the years know each other and mix on the playground 

The individual approach to learning at Blessed Sacrament is really important to us. Knowing that the teachers understand our daughter's strengths and are looking to challenge, extend and enrich her learning, gives us tremendous confidence.  But that’s only part of the story.  

Catholic values permeate the daily experience at Blessed Sacrament. Through this, the children learn the importance of kindness, compassion and humility and it is evident in the warmth and support the children show each other. Our daughter has so many opportunities at Blessed Sacrament and loves participating in liturgies, the chess club and robotics. 

But most importantly for us, she loves learning and going to school each day."

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