Authentic Learning through the Performing Arts ALPA Project

The ALPA project initiated in early 2016 and aims to demonstrate how strategies used in the performing arts can be used across all KLAs, K-12,  to engage students and enable authentic learning. The project included professional development for the 'teachers in action' - those teachers implementing the arts strategy in their classroom, and 'film teachers' - those teachers who filmed the learning in action. The project was a collaborative project across schools including Primary and Secondary schools. The end result was the production of a series of videos demonstrating authentic learning in action.

Each teacher in action demonstrated how a feature of authentic learning could be enabled using a particular arts strategy.
The features of Authentic Learning as per our Statement on Authentic Learning are listed below.

Authentic Learning:
  1. is learning which is relevant, purposeful & engaging 
  2.  is rigorous & empowering
  3. enables students to live lives of promise & meaning in a rapidly changing world 
  4. is at the very heart of the work of the Catholic school
  5.  respects the dignity of learners 
  6. builds on the learner’s prior experience, personal interests & innate potential 
  7. fosters critical thinking & the application of skills & knowledge in a variety of settings
  8. promotes the continual growth & wellbeing of the whole person

This introductory video was developed for a recent  
Authentic Learning TeachMeet