Welcome to the All Saints Google Apps Ninja Training Center. 

Here at All Saints, we believe that each and every one of you are already Ninja White Belts when it comes to the use of technology!

Here you will find all the materials you need to become an All Saints Google Apps Ninja Master. There are 5 essential ninja apps categories you must master to become a true Apps Master Ninja. 

Become a Ninja Apps master in all 5 areas and be recognised as a leader in Google Apps here at All Saints Liverpool. 

To become a Ninja master in each area you must complete all of the ninja exames for each ninja colored belt with an 90% or better accuracy. 

Yellow Belt

Must score at least 9/10 on the white belt test

Green Belt

Must have your yellow belt and score at least 9/10 on the green belt test

Black Belt
Must have you yellow and green belts and score at least 9/10 on the black belt test

Ninja Master
Must have your yellow, green and black belts and score 100% on the Ninja Master test.

All Saints Ninja Belts