For Students

School Rule and Behaviour System

Every person is a safe, respectful and responsible learner

Students at All Hallows follow this one School Rule. Any breach of this rule will be dealt with in line with the school’s behaviour management plan. Each student has the right to feel safe, to learn to the best of their ability, to be respected, to be able to communicate with confidence and to play and have fun.

SRC and Leadership

Students are given opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills and responsibility as a Student Representative Council (SRC) class representative, Colour House Captain and School Leaders. These roles allow students to develop and demonstrate their growing skills and leadership qualities as well as providing opportunities for students to have a direct influence on school life.

Extra-Curricular Activities

These provide opportunities for a differentiated curriculum. E.g. Band, Chess, Gifted Education Workshops, Tournament of the Minds, Sport Gala Days, Keyboard Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Drama and School Garden/Environment Club.


Children are recognised for their effort, positive behaviour and academic achievements each Friday at our whole school assembly. Academic Excellence and Outstanding Effort awards are presented at the End of School Mass and Awards Presentation.


All Hallows Catholic School prides itself on providing students with a broad range of sports, catering for a wide range of talents and interests and adding great enjoyment to students' school life. Our teachers work along side specialists to develop in each student the knowledge and understanding, skills and values and attitudes needed to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives.

All Hallows offers a variety of sports and sporting competitions throughout the year including swimming, track and field, dance, gymnastics, cricket, tiger-tag, netball, soccer and the explicit teaching of fundamental movement skills. Regular fitness is an important part of our school’s culture and we aim to provide physical education experiences, which provide the foundation for a lifelong commitment to valuing and leading a healthy lifestyle.

House Teams

each child is placed into a colour house (gold, green, blue and red) once enrolled at All Hallows. Children remain in the same Colour House from K-6. Students have opportunities to earn points for their houses throughout the year through competitions and by showing good sportsmanship. The Colour House with the most points at the end of the year is named the winner of the House Cup at our end of year awards ceremony.

Children have the opportunity to participate in a number of whole school sporting carnivals including cross country, swimming and athletics. Throughout the year children have the opportunity to represent All Hallows in interschool sporting gala days and events. These include soccer, rugby league, netball, oz tag, cross country, swimming and athletics.