Family Educator

At All Hallows Catholic School we are blessed to have a Family Educator. The role of the Family Educator is to nurture strong and meaningful parish/parent/school relationships and to explore new models of supporting the wellbeing of families in the areas of spiritual, social and educational formation.

At All Hallows our family Educator is Marisa Squadrito. Marisa works a 5 day fortnight (every Thursday and Friday and every other Wednesday) and can be contacted via email on

There are four domains in which the Family Educators work to do this. They are:

  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing the faith life of parents
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life the school
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the Parish
  • Enhancing family well-being.

The Family Educator is based in the primary school, is responsible to the Principal and works closely with the Parish Priest. Effective communication is maintained with the school leadership team, school and parish staff and parents.