For Parents

Parent Help

There are a number of areas in which parents are invited to help in our school, these are:

  • Classroom Activities
  • Multi-lit Program
  • Spelling Mastery
  • Excursion Helpers
  • Sporting Events

Parents and Friends Association

All Hallows Parents & Friends Association meets once each term in the evening to discuss issues pertaining to school, parish, social and fund raising activities.

The management of the Association shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprised of the following office bearers:

  • ChairSecretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • School Social Co-ordinators
  • Fund-raising Co-ordinator
  • Pastoral Care Co-ordinator
  • Uniform shop
  • Drama club

The aims of the All Hallows P&F Association are:

  • To recognise and value the role parents play in the education of children and aim to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and wider community for the benefit of our children’s faith and learning.
  • To support the school in its mission
  • To provide a friendly and welcoming community and a means of meeting socially for all associated with the school so that a co-operative spirit among parents, teachers, students and parishioners is promoted and fostered.
  • To raise funds co-operatively with the parish community for the provision of material support for the school and/or parish community and/or wider community.
  • To provide a forum where matters relating to the education and development of students can be discussed
  • To provide opportunities for informing parents of current developments in education generally and Catholic education in particular.