Vision and Mission

School Prayer

Loving God,

Thank you for each day and for all the people who love me.

Please bless my school and my learning.

Help me to be my best self as Jesus taught us.


St Mary of the Cross... Pray for us.

Mary, Help of Christians... Pray for us.

Venerable Nano Nagle... Pray for us.

Our Vision

We are a faith-centred community where a contemporary learning culture develops the value and well-being of self and others, preparing students for the future. 


All Hallows' Mission is to strive to:

  • To inspire children with a love of learning
  • To enrich their learning with an experience of excellence
  • To live and celebrate the good news of Jesus in community and curriculum
School Wide Pedagogy

The All Hallows School Wide Pedagogy communicates our community's belief of how learning occurs best at our school. The 'Five Docks of Learning' framework seeks to develop the 'whole child' through an agreed set of principles, experiences and values that draw upon the school's established mission and motto.

The School Wide Pedagogy informs and shapes our school's practices and learning environment. The core values underpinning this pedagogy are the cornerstones of learning here at All Hallows.

The 'Five Docks of Learning'

Hooked Into Learning

We are active and motivated learners using a variety of resources, technologies and learning styles.

Connecting Ports

We apply our learning across the curriculum and make links to the real world.

Voyage of Discovery

We seek to understand through problem solving, investigating and sharing our knowledge with others.

Taking The Plunge

We strive to achieve our personal best by challenging ourselves and taking risks.


We reflect on our learning and use feedback to plan and achieve goals.

The Cornerstones of learning

The cornerstones represent the values that are important at All Hallows which underpin all teaching and learning:


We are committed to doing our best in all aspects of our Catholic School life, encouraging each other to achieve excellence.


We endeavour to deepen and enrich our faith by reflecting on and actively living the Gospel values.


Each individual will take an active role in developing the necessary skills to reach full potential, acknowledging self -worth and fostering humility.


We value a community that builds relationships in a spirit of hospitality, empathy and compassion.


We celebrate our faith journey, our uniqueness and our learning.