Volunteers Building Strong, Healthy, and Prepared Communities


Thank you for your interest in the Southwest Utah Medical Reserve Corps! As you visit our site, you will come to find that we are an active and involved organization offering many opportunities for individuals to volunteer to support public health and build community resilience. 

It is our hope that you will register as part of the SWUMRC, to volunteer your time and expertise to prepare for and respond to emergencies in Southwest Utah. We encourage all to register! Whether you are a healthcare professional or a lay volunteer, you will have the ability to assist in response to a disaster wherever it may be. 

If you are already a registered member of the SWUMRC, we are grateful for your continued heroism, volunteerism, and dedication. Your willingness to respond and participate truly makes a difference in our community.

About Medical Reserve Corps
Natural disasters and others emergencies including those that are man-made, have changed America's perception of health and medical dangers faced in the country, within our cities, and in our community. The MRC (with medical, public health, and lay citizen volunteers) helps prepare for and respond to widespread emergencies. 
Become a Volunteer
Major disasters and emergencies involving injury or disease can quickly overwhelm full-time emergency response personnel. SWUMRC volunteers provide important services and help fill gaps with volunteers who've been organized, trained, and assigned to assist where their expertise is best applied. Join the SWUMRC today!
Training & Exercises
The SWUMRC provides training and exercise opportunities to help volunteers prepare for and respond to a public health emergency or other event. Volunteers will have the chance to participate in these events through face to face meetings, events and tabletops, as well as on their own through online learning modules.