Welcome and a big thank you to all who have come to have a look around this sight. I hope to inspire you to gear up to use what have been proven as successful strategies and tools for a well balanced literacy model.  
I strongly believe in the adage, "It takes a village to raise a child."  As a literacy coach I am here as a resource for teachers, students, administrators, families, community members, and anyone else who values literacy in the lives of our learners.


    Balanced literacy is the understanding that in order for students to reach the highest levels of literacy success they must work with literacy in various facets on a consistent basis.  Students need opportunities to observe good reading and writing behaviors, practice with supports from the teacher/parent/peer, and then gradually be released to practice the skills independently.  Within this model, students work with and understand that literacy is intertwined in all aspects of their lives and can be evaluated in various ways. 

    In balanced literacy and the workshop model we are also giving students ownership of their learning through explicit strategy-based instruction.  Students begin to value their own decisions and individualized goals, and they feel part of their educational career.  This not only instills literacy concepts but also the growth mindset that we are all learners and can continuously set goals, learn strategies to reach them, and then create new goals to continue our growth. 

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Lauren Crispino



Sussex-Wantage School District

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