Sometimes Peer Pressure Can Be a Positive Thing
Jessica Disterheft: “I've really extended my circle of friends by joining RACERS.”

By Andrea Arnold
August, 2015

Hello fellow RACERS members and future RACERS members!

Meet 37 year-old Jessica Disterheft - wife of Ryan and mother of two kids, currently residing in Eau Claire. She is currently employed at Lakeland Health in the medical billing department. She's very busy, but that's no excuse to keep this vibrant woman from running and working hard at CrossFit.

Disterheft began running in the Fall of 2013. Her husband and son went for a run to condition for wrestling and she decided to join them. She ran one mile for the first time ever! “I decided I was going to keep on running”, she said.

So, a runner was born! She registered for the Niles YMCA Thanksgiving day 10K run with her husband and friend, Becky. It was her first long run! “I got the bug after that run. It was an ‘AHA’ moment for me!” She knew she wanted to participate in more runs. She set a goal to participate in at least one 5K a month. One 5K quickly led to many, which far exceeded her goal.

It wasn't too long after that Jessica and her friend, Becky, joined the RACERS club. I asked her what made her decide to join the club, “I joined The club because it was local and all my friends were signing up. It was good peer pressure that I could do.” She went on to say, “The best part about belonging to RACERS is that I'm not the only one showing up to a run. I've really extended my circle of friends.”

With running comes a lot of great memories and one of Jessica’s favorite memories and also her favorite run thus far was the DucknDodge 5K Mud Adventure Run that took place last  summer in Grand Junction. “It was such a sense of capability and accomplishment”, she said. Other favorite runs include the South Haven Blueberry Fest and the Mudarella in Chicago.

When asked what she feels her biggest accomplishment has been so far, she was quick to answer, “All of it! The mindset I’ve gotten from running has helped me in every aspect of my life.” She also casually mentioned earlier in the interview the accomplishment of winning first place in her age group for the Hartford 10K!

There are many things that keep a runner motivated and it can be something different for everyone, but the one thing she cannot run without is music. It keeps her motivated. She is currently debating her future goals. She would like to experience some more adventure runs and is also considering a sprint triathlon.

Jessica was such a fun interview. Her enthusiasm really shined through over the phone. She was full of energy and spunk. I almost didn't want to end the conversation but it was coming to a close. So, I always like to end my interviews with one question: Describe yourself in one word? After some brief silence she said, “Amazing”. I think we'd all agree with her on that!