No Goal is too Big or too Small
Emmy Beidler: “RACERS make you feel welcome no matter what level you're at.” 

By Andrea Arnold
October, 2015

I’d like to introduce RACERS member 27 year-old Emmy Beidler of Watervliet… 

I was particularly inspired by Emmy because she has successfully completed 30 5K’s this year alone, which is undeniably impressive. Not only does she find the time to participate in so many events, she is also a full time employee at Whirlpool as a Lab Technician, a mother to two-year-old, Collin, and a wife of three years to husband, Eric.

Emmy joined RACERS at the beginning of the year. ‘Initially I joined RACERS to take advantage of the discounts. However, I quickly learned that I liked this particular group because I truly felt accepted being a walker. They make you feel welcome no matter what level you're at.’ She went on to say, “I also enjoy that so many of us are friends outside of the group. We actually get together outside of events and friendships are formed.”

It was her husband that motivated her to get involved in 5Ks. She decided to begin participating in events about 3-4 years ago, just doing one here and there. Her first 5K was the Sarett Spring Stampede. “What was it like crossing the finish line for the first time?” I asked her. “It was pretty amazing”, she responded. “ I felt accomplished!”

Speaking of accomplishments, I asked Emmy what she feels is her biggest one so far. “Participating in all the events was and is a personal goal. It's exciting every single race. As a whole, finishing all the races is an accomplishment.”

She does have her heart set on bigger goals for the future, like completing a 10K and/or a half marathon. 

I always like to ask those that I interview what they think about during their races and what's the one thing they need to have with them. Emmy said that she is always hoping to improve her time from the previous race. The one thing she HAS to have during a 5K is her phone with RunKeeper on and her music playlist playing.

“What would you say to someone who might be hesitant or intimidated by joining RACERS?” I asked.

“Any level of fitness can join. It isn't about how great you are. It isn't about time or fitness level. It's simply about doing it”, she responded.When Emmy isn't working or racing she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She also enjoys knitting and loves soccer.

Beidler describes herself as hardworking and determined, which is pretty obvious. She is truly an inspiration to those closest to her and to those of us amongst the group. She is a genuinely sweet woman and her sincerity shines through, as she is one of those people that can light up a room when she walks into it. I have no doubt that she will get many more 5Ks under her belt before 2015 is over. We are all rooting for you, Emmy! 

Andrea Arnold is a full time runner mother with a blog, Three Little Apples. Her blog has been recognized in the US and the UK. Andrea moved to St. Joseph from Akron Ohio and joined RACERS in April 2013. Andrea will contribute monthly member spotlights and other running related stories.