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Member Page Instructions

New for 2015...MEMBERS ONLY Website Access!

SWMI RACERS is proud to announce a new Members Only page on our website! Can't find the last RACERS email with discount codes? Now you can log into the Members Only page to find discount codes and check your standings in the RACERS Community Race Series. In the future we hope to add a feature to allow members to post messages in a forum format.

1) Check your email for a message from racers@swmiracers.org, with the subject: I've shared an item with you 
2) If you already have a Gmail account, skip this step and go to Step 3 
    IF YOU DO NOT have a Gmail account, FIRST create a FREE Google account
    by clicking here
* You do NOT need a new Gmail address.
* Fill in the fields, similar to the example below.
* You can use the same password that you use when accessing your email.
* Complete all the required fields and Submit.
Note: you will receive a message requiring verification before you can access the Google Site

3) Once you have created and verified your new Google account, or 
    if you already have a Gmail account, you are ready to log in!
* Just click the link to visit the page and log in.
* The first time you log in, you should see the page below.
4) Once you have successfully logged into the RACERS website with your Google account, you will have access to the Members Only page.

5) For future visits, you may have to click "Sign In" at the bottom to access the page.

Feel free to contact us at racers@swmiracers.org if you have any questions!