Responsive Services

The purpose of the Responsive Service component is to intervene with or on behalf of those students whose personal circumstance, concerns, or problems are threatening to interfere with or are interfering with their healthy, personal, social, career and/or educational development.

            This link will take you to Southwest ISD Board Policy Online.  It is directed to all                 sections of the policy that have the term "bully"; however, it can be searched for                 other terms.
            This link will take you to an anonymous form that will be directed to the McAuliffe             Counseling Department once submitted.
           A federal government website developed by the U.S. Department of Health &                    Human Services.
        The Department of Family and Protective Services provides this secure website for             reporting suspicions of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, adults with                     disabilities, or people who are elderly. 

            Choose Respect is an initiative to help adolescents form healthy relationships to                 prevent dating abuse before it starts.