Course Descriptions



Science 9

Open to: 9

Offered: Year – Required for 9th

Prerequisite: none Credits: 2

Ninth grade science is the preliminary study of chemistry, physics, and astronomy. 

It is designed to acquaint students with introductory topics of the physical science 

world. Students will study basic chemistry fundamentals of matter, atomic construction, 

atomic interactions, and the periodic table in the first part of the course. In the second, 

students will explore the basics of physics through motion, forces, work, and transfer 

of energy. The last portion of year will focus on astronomy via the study of the solar 

system and the universe.


Open to: 11-12

Offered: Year

Prerequisite: Algebra Credits: 2

Principles of Chemistry is the study of matter and energy. The course will include study in 

the general areas of atomic structure, chemical bonding, gas laws, chemical equations and 

reactions. Problem solving will be a significant part of the course, as well as experiments 

dealing with many of the major topics. This course will meet requirements for any college 

major or technical school program and is recommended for all students planning on post-high 

school education.


Open to: 11-12

Offered: Year 

Prerequisite: Algebra II or Teacher approval Credits: 2

Physics is a study of the laws of nature, which are the basis of our developing high-tech. 

economy. Because a large portion of this course deals with mathematical relationships, 

Algebra I is a prerequisite with Geometry and Algebra II being strongly suggested. Students 

should be able to have some success in Physics without these latter two, and should discuss 

taking the course with the instructor.