SOS Prevention Program Information


                                                                                         Permission Slip    
Parents/Caregivers of Seventh Grade through Twelfth Grade Students: 

As you know from daily news stories, substance use and suicide rates have been steadily increasing among adolescents. A recent study showed that from 2007 to 2015, suicide rates doubled among teen girls and rose by more than 30% among teen boys. 

Through a grant we received from the Colorado Department of Education, we have the following programs to help our students make healthy choices and to give them resources to maintain good physical and mental health: 
        *LifeSkills Training Curriculum: This evidence-based program helps students develop healthy attitudes increased self-esteem and 
          improved social skills, with a goal of being able to resist negative peer pressure and substance use and abuse. 

        *Signs of Suicide (SOS): Seventh through ninth-grade students will have a one-class period presentation by myself and Mrs. Mills, our 
          Mental Health Counselor, on                  
          December 2, 2019. Tenth through twelfth-grade students will have their presentation on 
          December 9, 2019. SOS helps students recognize the warning signs and symptoms of depression and suicide in themselves or their 
          friends, and teaches them how to get help. The Jr. High and High School presentations can both be              
          previewed at A permission slip for your student to participate in SOS is below; please sign and have              your student return to the office. 

Please feel free to contact us with questions about these programs. 

Beth Miller, RN, Carla Mills, LPC (719-384-8103)           

SOS uses the acronym ACT: 
Acknowledge that you or your friend has a serious concern 
Express that you Care, 
Tell a trusted adult. 

In order to confirm that you, as parents, know that we will be covering this topic at school, we would like you to sign and return the slip by 11/25/2019, indicating whether or not your student may participate in the program. The presentations are scheduled for December 2, 2019 (7th-9th grades) and December 9, 2019 (10th-12th grades). If you have questions, or would like to preview the materials, go to, or call: (719) 384-8103.