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Movement Matters

Volume 1: Movement Basics

A one hour class on body isolations, as well as exercises to improve your posture and balance.

Get ready to get up and move!

(Running time: 60 min)

$45.00 USD plus shipping

Girl Stuff

Vol 1
: Beginning Anchor Variations

This DVD is designed for followers with a solid grasp of the basics. You will learn how to change your anchor step by adding the elements of shape and timing. If you are starting to feel "boring", this is the perfect way to start spicing up your dance.

Get ready to start styling, girls!

$25.00 USD plus shipping

(Running time: 37 min)
Girl Stuff
Vol 2: Intermediate Ladies' Styling

On this DVD we will cover more advanced anchor variations, play with the walk-walk, and explore new ways to dance the 3 & 4. You will learn embellishments and styling you can use to add contrast and flair to your basic West Coast Swing patterns.

Get ready to start styling, girls!

$50.00 USD plus shipping

(Running time: 81 min)


Girl Stuff
Vol 3: Intermediate Conversational Swing

Take your dance from ordinary to elegant.  Start to add your own voice to the conversation.  Learn to recognize opportunities to "play" and take advantage of them with grace, confidence and style.

$45.00 USD plus shipping

(Running time: 47 min)

Girl Stuff
Vol 4: Advanced Conversational Swing

Explore a more sophisticated movement vocabulary.  Expand your ability to "play" within a variety of circumstances and musical styles. Learn to turn even the simplest patterns into creative expressions of the music.

$45.00 USD plus shipping

(Running time: 50 min)



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