Class Descriptions

Girl Stuff Immersion
a mini dance retreat for your mind, body and spirit

Immerse yourself in...
sisterhood, community, laughter and learning
This is a safe place to be yourself, no matter your age, shape, size, or skill level.

We will explore:

* Our unique and beautiful selves
* The power of intention and communication
* New ways to move your body
* Critical technique and alignment
* Beautifully balanced spins
* The keys to effortless following
* Musicality from the inside out
* Styling with a purpose
* How to “Play” nice
* How to Give your leader what he wants without giving up what you want

This experience will help you to:

* Express your personality through your movement
* Find more joy in every dance
* Expand your sense of community

Girl Stuff 1
- intermediate following skills required
In girl stuff we learn to decorate the dance, both to make it more musical, and to keep from getting bored : ) 
We start with anchor variations and move on to varying the 3 and 4 (the first triple).  We play with both the shape and the rhythm.

Girl Stuff 2 - more advanced variations of the first and second triple as well as variations on the walk, walk.

Girl Stuff 3 - also known as Can I Play Too - learn to recognize invitations to play and what to do when you see them.  Learn to love "Dance Damn-its", or at least tolerate them.  (the term Dance Damn-its will be defined in class)

Pattern Building Principles - also known as Lincoln Logs, Legos and Tinker toys - all you need are the building blocks and you can make almost anything.
This workshop gives you those building blocks so you can invent your own patterns. 

Come on Get Closer - how to make West Coast Swing more romantic with closed position patterns. 

Movement Matters - A general dance class for all levels designed for West Coast Swing, but helpful for all dances.  This class teaches you to isolate and move each part of your body in a variety of ways.  Movement, balance and footwork drills give you the control you need to  accomplish the crazy patterns, fast spins and syncopations used in advanced West Coast Swing.

Movement Matters 2 - same as above but trickier stuff.

He Said, She Said - the truth about lead and follow. How to make this a truly cooperative dance. 

Whip It Good Variations on the basic whip  for different looks and feels. 

Adding Contrast to your Dance - practical strategies for making your dance more interesting. 

Spins and turns - also known as Spinning without puking or getting hit - practical tips and tricks for leaders and followers.

Tired of Triples? - footwork options for leaders and followers.

WCS Fundamentals
A six week course in which we explore the basic building blocks and technique of West Coast Swing

Movement and Styling - A six week intermediate course for leaders and followersAcceleration, leverage, under and over rotation, stretch, etc.  we will explore a new topic each week