About Me

I started dancing soon after I learned to walk.   My teacher, Wayne Stuart,  was a  former soloist with the Royal Ballet who taught with a live pianist and a lit cigarette in his hand.  He often brought anatomy books and a skeleton into the studio to illustrate  how anatomy and movement relate.  It was dance and science.  My body and both sides of my brain were in heaven.

However, after watching the movie The Turning Point  no less than nine times,  I realized that I did not want the life of a  professional ballerina.   I changed my focus to jazz, modern dance and competitive ballroom.  I  studied art, languages and dance at Duke University, covering groceries and rent by teaching aerobics.

My dance-born interest in anatomy and physiology led me to work for a time as a   massage therapist.   All that technical knowledge comes in handy when teaching the details of 
exactly how  to move our bodies artfully.  I still continue to  study  the nitty-gritty details of movement and posture, as they are critical to finding joy and ease in our dancing and in our daily lives.

In 2000, a friend dragged me to a Tucson Swing Club dance.   I was instantly hooked.  Since then I have devoted my professional life to West Coast Swing - teaching, competing and completely loving it. 

Based in the two beautiful and vastly different cities of  Tucson and Minneapolis,  I teach in both locations as well as at dance conventions and weekend workshops around the world.  

can honestly say that I love what I do.