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Meet Volunteer Info

It takes approximately 70 people to run a meet. All parents are required to work during meets and you will be asked at registration to voice your preference. Many positions are divided into first half and second half.  When signing up, please consider the age of your child and when they will be swimming. If they will be swimming during the second half of the meet, try to sign up for the second half.  This will allow first half availability for the parents of the younger swimmers who might only be swimming first half.
If everyone works, then you may only be asked to work part of a meet on certain jobs. The team cannot function if there is no parental support. These meets are great fun, but take a lot of manpower. A representative will be contacting you regarding your assigned job. If you are unable to volunteer, you may recruit another family member or friend. If you still cannot provide assistance, your may opt to "buy out" of helping (paid for during registration). The "buy out" option allows us to hire someone to do your job.

      Available Jobs and Descriptions:

  • Set Up – set up for meet
  • Concession Stand – sets up booth, sells the food and drinks, and cleans up after meet is over 
  • Timer – times swimmers during races (12 – 30 needed each meet) 
  • Stroke Judge* – makes sure strokes are swum correctly during meets 
  • Touch Judge* – makes sure turns and touches are done correctly during meets 
  • Runner – takes time sheets to score keeper between heats 
  • Ribbons – works with other team to give out ribbons 
  • Circler - works with other team to help circle the average time on the time sheets
  • Score Keeper - works with other team to keep the team score for the meet
  • Hospitality - keeps volunteers supplied with water
  • Deck Help - helps on deck to get swimmers to correct lanes
  • Clean Up – clears area after meet 
  • Ready Parent – looks after swimmers and gets them to the right place for races 
    • 6 yr and under 
    • 7-8 yr old 
    • 9-10 yr old 
    • 11-12 yr old 
    • 13-14 yr old 
    • 15 yr and up 
*These areas require additional training, which will be provided by FAST.