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Meet Information

These are meant to be fun!  Please do not pressure your child so much that meets become a stressful experience.  If this is your first team experience, make sure your child understands what to expect at a meet.  Emphasize the positives (ribbons, friends, cheering for our team, and the concession stand).  Here is a brief overview of meets and what to look for.

All of our HOME MEETS will take place at Camp Lone Star Pool. Arrive one hour before the meet starts; this is to give time for warm-ups and to make any last minute changes to the "heat sheet". If you arrive late, someone else may be assigned your race. Bring healthy snacks, drinks, money for concessions, goggles, towels, T-shirt, something to sit on, sunscreen and bug spray. Parents may want to bring chairs. Heat sheets are available for purchase at each meet.

On arrival, find the team area and report to the Ready Parent of your age group. He/She will tell you what races you are assigned. Every swimmer is given a "swimmer number." This number stays the same all season and is written on the swimmer's hand with a permanent marker.

Not all swimmers swim all events due to time constraints. Everyone may swim freestyle and backstroke. We are then permitted to have two heats per gender, per age group of breaststroke and butterfly and one heat of individual medley for ages 9 and up. The coaches will try to get all swimmers in at least one relay. The coaches review the swimmer's times before each meet and assign each swimmer his/her events. The ready parents have a list (heat sheet) of what everyone swims.

Swimmers are led to the start of their race by the ready parents and the coaches get them ready for the races. Each event begins when the starter blows an air-horn. At the end of the race, the child will go to the ribbons table or the ready mom will gather and distribute. Every swimmer gets a ribbon. If a child is disqualified, he/she will be told as soon as he/she exits the pool, but he/she will receive a last place ribbon for that heat.

Please encourage your child to stay with the team as much as possible. If we can't find them for a race, they will miss it. Do not leave a meet without checking with the coaches and the ready parent; your child may be needed for an extra event.

If you know your child will NOT be able to attend a meet, please email us at
Try to let the coaches know as soon as possible if you will be absent. It makes it very difficult to rearrange relays just before a meet starts.