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Learn to Swim Lessons ARE NOW Available for Registration for the 2019 Summer Season

Within every CELTS Swim School Program, we bring our expertise as Aquatic Professionals to the table, surpassing all other swim lesson programs with a full understanding on the individuality of every swimmer. CELTS offers everyone an opportunity to learn and develop swimming techniques from novice to advanced swimmers. In a world covered in 2/3 water, we strongly believe everyone from birth on should learn how to swim, and we, as Chicagoland's Premier Swim School, strive to save lives through swim lessons.

In these progressive classes, swimmers are introduced to basic water skills, breath holding, and a number of submerging progressions, eventually leading the participant to unassisted swimming. The curriculum is broken into 5 concepts, which are advanced and developed through each level using different techniques and skills. We offer 10 levels ranging from novice to advanced swimmers for both Youth and Adults.
CELTS Adaptive Swim & CELTS Special Abilities are specifically geared towards persons with disabilities. Classes follow and join the same programs within ALL of our CELTS Swim School Programs, with additional modifications as needed. After registration, indication on disability is optional, not required.

Adult Group Lessons 
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Youth Group
Youth Group
Youth Group