Coming in 2013!

 It started with a dream, a dream to reach out and inspire students of the SWHS Raptor Center program, young environmental enthusiast, and our community and state. It started with a dream to create a center where environmental education could be shared year round and top notch research could be performed that would make a difference in the lives of students and birds alike. After over ten years of hard work and dedication, this dream is beginning to come true.

This is OUR YEAR as a club, program, and fan base to reach new heights. Please read the following narrative in honor of the launch of Project Liberty 2013.....

For over Ten years, the dream of having a nature center to increase environmental education and enhance our facilities at the SWHS Raptor Center has been growing. Little people realize however, just how REAL this dream has become. With the remodeling of the Lakota Nature Walk, the addition of mews, the newest and top-of the line procedures that are in place to ensure the best care for our live birds, an increased release rate, and a magnitude of events and educational presentations, the Liberty Nature Center has already became a reality. We already have the facilities and program to make the Liberty Nature Center more than just a building. With that, Thank-You for the support in allowing our dream to already begin to take flight. 

Currently, we are in the stages of building the physical building that will be the home base and icon for the Liberty Nature Center. The center is expected to be built in the near future, as our fundraising goal is almost met.  We are closer than we have ever been to building the physical Liberty Nature Center Building. We are waiting on a few more fundraising efforts and the effects of PROJECT LIBERTY 2013 to lay the necessary foundations to allow construction and completion to begin. Since the beginning of 2013, we reached new heights in fundraising and are proud to announce we are less than $100,000 away from constructing Liberty Nature Center. You can support the cause by joining PROJECT LIBERTY 2013. 

Project Liberty has one major event going on right now. From January 1, 2012 until January 31, 2012 we will be hosting a Donation Drive. This drive will be a push to raise as much money for this facility as possible. You can donate by clicking on the support button above or by mailing a cash or check payment to our home address. 

Project Liberty is underway at this point and will include MANY different events. This includes multiple fundraisers, two new educational programs, a variety of alumni association events, a support rally, a new email and text list, and a couple of meetings and dinners to accompany large announcements regarding the progress and plans of the Liberty Nature Center. 

We hope you will join our campaign in order to bring a Nature Station that can be used year round to the south-central region of Kentucky! Click " JOIN PROJECT LIBERTY" in the tab above to find out more information. 

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