The Buccaneer Way... The Southwest Middle School Experience 2014-2015

 These are the new iPhones 6 and 6 plus, they are better than ever.

September 11. 2014

Taking care of your iPad: essentials tips

The video to the left focuses on the importance of taking care of your iPad.  Please view the video and think about how you take care of your iPad.

September 4, 2014
This is Mrs. Parreñas on Disney day during spirit week.
she is the ASB advisor that sets everything and organizes all the events.

uploading video and submitting to jupitergrades

August 29, 2014
Annotating the Text
The video to the left is a tutorial on how to annotate text.

video topics
  • Pre-reading strategies
  • Marking the text: number the paragraphs, circle keywords, and underline main ideas/evidence needed to support your claim
  • Writing in the margin

Spirit Week

Monday, August 18, 2014

Students at SOM during spirit week participating in an awesome game called the Hanging Donuts!!!

Students going crazy for donuts on Disney Day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 NERD DAY!
(above) look at those nerds! here is Diana, Marissa ,and Jordan
according to my calculations students are multiplying their nerd style to their way.

How many cups can you flip?
Friday, neon day, students in southwest middle school were playing a game were you have to flip cups. the team at the left was the winning team, defeating the team that was located at the right side.
Diana, a 7th grader student from South West Middle tells us,"I was nervous since my friend was in the team, but those feelings stopped when her team won." 

Mr.Vargas and his yearbook class

This Buccaneer is having fun eating donuts don't miss out in any other spirit week activities during lunch. 

August 15,2014
Interview with Mrs. Jordan

By: Bryan Cabrales, Luis Diaz, Kenneth Koch, and Alan Lopez 

Interviewer: How do you feel when you punish kids for their misbehavior?

Mrs: Jordan: Idon't like to punish kids but when i do its so they could succeed in the future and for their own interest.

Interviewer:  How did you feel the first day as an  AP?

Mrs. Jordan: I felt excited and nervous. I really wanted to make a good impression and make a difference. But otherwise it was a good day.

Interviewer:  Do you have fun here?

Mrs. Jordan: I have lots and lots of fun here. There are some students here that make her laugh with funny stories. It also fun seeing sometimes how students are smarter than teachers when  it comes to technology.

Interviewer: Are you looking forward to be a Principal in the future?

Mrs. Jordan: No, I am not looking forward for that. I  like being an assistant principal. I really enjoy changing the way they teach behavior. I also like rewarding good students with blue ticket system.

Did you know  Mrs. Jordan  has been an AP for ten years?  Well in this article you’re going to learn a bit more  about her.  “Mrs Jordan! “Mrs Jordan!” the students whisper as soon as they see her coming. We Asked “ How do you feel when you punish kids for their misbehavior?”

Mrs. Jordan: I don’t like to punish kids but I punish them so they could succeed in the future and for their own interest.

Interviewer: When did you decide to become an Assistant Principal?

Mrs. Jordan: Ten Years ago when I was a teacher the principal thought I was good in working with students so she invited me to be part of a credential program but she really misses being with kids in a classroom. Lunch time is my favorite part of the day because I get to be outside with students.

We ARR the Buccaneers!
August 3, 2014

September 11, 2014

iPhone 6 and 6 plus

The new iPhone, iPhone 6 and 6 plus is a new big product from apple that will be released in September 19,2014 all around the world. It has amazing new features such as a new camera, new wifi factors, new cases, new model , and new everything really. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will include new  features on the camera. The new camera will be able to focus by moving up and down and side to side. It can also use focus pixels, fazed detection focus, and 43 mega pixels which can help take great landscape photos, panoramic, and selfies. The new iPhones even have better battery life and better wifi that is three times faster than the original. It will also have a new keyboard with newer features and it will also be able to figure out what words you are trying to type. The new phones will have a new apple product built into it that is called apple pay which can help you pay faster by the sound of a ding. The phones come in three basic colors gold, silver and grey. These are so many outstanding new features but that's not all there is, there is still so much more that you still don't know about the new iPhones but for more information you can go to the websites and and find out more.

By:Diana Chavez, Marissa Del Toro, Heidi Contreras, Jordan Odiorne


                                  APPLE WATCH

The Apple Watch is coming in the year 2015, but it's worth the wait. It's got different designer wrist bands and a new way to get around just with a dial. There are different features on the new Apple Watch like realistic background that move and emojis that you can make it the way you want. There's different types of Apple Watch's like the regular , the sports, and a special one with 18 karat gold. It has a vibration center on the bottom to test your heart rate, and pulse. The Apple Watch can call and also draw for communication.

If you buy an apple watch you need an iPhone. If you don't have an iPhone the watch wouldn't work. At least you don't need to buy a new iPhone because if you have an iPhone you don't need to buy a phone. I think that it would work with any version of iPhone. The apple watch doesn't work very good without a smart watch. The apple watch tells time, perform other functions, shows Facebook updates."The watch will work with Siri, the voice-controlled program already available on some iPhones. Pushing the crown will activate Siri, allowing a user to ask about the weather or find nearby businesses."- apple watch article.
You will be able to charge it using a magnetic charger that clips. The battery lasts longer now with the apple watch and you can also pay with it by tapping the screen instead of your ordinary routine where you dig in your purse or wallet to find your credit card. Apple watch counts your steps and your heartbeat when exercising it also keeps track of the calories you have burned
And "how much activity you've done all day, even whether you've stood up recently. The watch is also designed to "learn" about the wearer, suggesting fitness goals. All of this works in concert with the fitness app on the iPhone to allow you to keep track of your longer-term fitness progress."-apple watch article

You can communicate with other apple watch users by drawing, sending emojis, and send each other your heart beat. It also has a built in walkie talkie. You can only communicate with each other if the other person also has an apple watch. "Consider it the Apple Watch's own system of Morse Code. The watch will do turn-by-turn directions, but instead of making you listen to Siri's voice or stare at your watch screen to know where to go, it will simply tell you by feel. One type of vibration will let you know it's time to turn left. Another will tell you it's time to turn right."
"The watch will work with Siri, the voice-controlled program already available on some iPhones. Pushing the crown will activate Siri, allowing a user to ask about the weather or find nearby businesses." -apple watch article.
 by: Dulce Covarrubias, Sonia Rojas, and Kasandra Vasquez

Mrs. Parreñas ASB Advisor
            Mrs. Parreñas is the ASB advisor here at Southwest Middle and she also was a student here. Her first memories of being exited here at SOM is at the orientations and all the other events."it makes me nervous, but at the same time it's pretty cool because you don't know how many people are going to applaud", said Mrs. Parreñas.
She believes that it takes a lot of work to be an ASB advisor, but that it's really cool and fun. As an advisor and in her experience she believes you need to have initiative, know what's happening, and stay organized. When we asked her why she decided to become the ASB advisor she responded,
 "I wanted to do it because I missed working with students because the only interactions I really had with students was at interventions and I wanted to work with all the students, I missed being around students."
"students are awesome! There so fun;it's so different working with adults compared to students."
For ASB she organizes all the events and she needs to be informed about everything that is going on around school.Her and her students organize it and make sure it's happening.
Her biggest goal is to raise schools spirit and to make students feel like this is the place that they want to be at.
The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her was at ASB camp where they were introducing all the ASB advisor and when her turn came the ASB advisor at Mar Vista Academy dared her to do a cart wheel and so she did and when she landed she found out she was only a couple of inches from falling off the stage. Her best memories as a child is playing barbies with her sister and her favorite song is girl on fire by Alicia Keys. All in all, Mrs Parreñas is a great person inside a
nd out, with great personality and commitment.

September 4, 2014
Submitting video projects to Jupiter Grades. (video tutorial)
If you create a video project in your class using iMovie or Explain Everything, you must upload the file to dropbox or Google Drive.  After you upload the video file, copy the URL link and paste into jupiter grade or Canvas.

The video tutorial on the left s
hows an example after creating an Explain Everything project.

SOM Students show their School Spirit!

Tuesday, August 19,2014 Crazy Hair Day!

(above) crazy hair day.  Students with Mrs. Parrenas

Woke up with messy hair? No worries!

On Tuesday, students participated in Crazy Hair Day for Spirit Week at SOM.

Students went all out showing their crazy outgoing hair to boost the school's spirit.

"It was astonishing seeing all the crazy ideas students had for crazy hair day"-Angie Estrada

(above)  Check out the that crazy hair.
this is Josue Garcia rocking his new look!

Thursday, August 21, 2014 TWIN DAY!
Mrs.Latoni and Mrs.Uriarte on Twin Day
Banana? Minion? 
Two lovely teachers at Southwest Middle decided to participate in our spirit week "Twin Day"and encourage their students to participate in spirit week. 

August 19,2014
Interview with Mr. Vargas
By: Raquel Castro, Paulo Maclan, and Juan Medrano

Have you always wanted to know about the awesomest teacher Mr. Vargas? Well guess what.... Now you can! Here's what we got.

Interviewer: "How long have you been teaching here at SOM?

 Mr. Vargas: "I have been teaching at SOM for eight years."
Mr Vargas is a teacher for both Yearbook and U.S. History.

 Interviewer:"Do your previous students sometimes visit you?"

Mr. Vargas: "My previous students visit me all the time. They share with me their experiences at high school and how they have been accepted to a university. They remind me of the impact I made in their lives."

If Mr Vargas wasn't teaching, his career would be something that supports educators in teaching by improving the technology used in classes.
Interviewer: "Why did you choose to teach Yearbook?"

Mr. Vargas: "Teaching yearbook is great! As a history teacher I understand the importance of documenting our story. I am guiding my yearbook students in how we record the Southwest Middle School experience. I am very proud of all my yearbook students for their creativity, initiative, and dedication for creating the best yearbook we can produce."

An interview with our Assistant Principal Mrs. Jordan  

July 30, 2014
Southwest Middle School is on Track to Being the Best
Southwest Middle School is off to a great first day of school.  Students are getting to know their teachers, classmate, and school staff.  In every classroom, students are understanding the importance of being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Jonathan, Oscar, and Victor are Southwest Middle School students are setting goals to be the best they be.  
The new iPad technology plan will create a culture that will allow all students to innovate, collaborate, and think critically.  Victor Duran is annotating a article in his U.S. History class.  He is then able to share his thoughts with his peers.  This application is one of many new and exciting technology resources that are being applied this year. 

Southwest Middle School students begin their first day of school. 
Jonathan Diaz, Oscar Varela, and  Victor Duran.