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"As a graduate of SWCS, I was blessed to be at a Christian school and for having chapel every week.  The school also prepared me very well academically for high school."  --Morgan Rothschild

"At SWCS I made lasting friendships, was academically prepared for high school and was able to play softball, basketball, soccer and volleyball from 5th grade through 8th grade.  The teachers were awesome and even the food was great!"  --Jordyn Keddy

"The best part about going to Southwest was growing up and going through school with my classmates.  The small class sizes made everyone so close and created memories that will last forever."  --Kailee Bunte

"Southwestern Christian School prepares students better for high school than other Yuma schools.  The teachers actually care about your education.  My teachers cared about me as a person--not just my academics.  I would recommend SWCS to anyone who is looking for an outstanding school in Yuma."  --Tyler Watowich

"SWCS was a great experience for me.  It really prepared me for the high school level classes.  Your class is like a family and you form long lasting friendships.  I highly recommend it for elementary and middle school."  --Jett Cunningham

“I've gone to SWCS for four years (Kindergarten and returned for all of middle school--6th, 7th and 8th).  Over those four years I had grown a relationship with every teacher there due to the comfortable, safe atmosphere I was in.  I saw every teacher as a mentor, and had spiritual respect for every single one.  Going into my junior year of high school already, the education at Southwestern Christian throughout middle school has prepared me better than ever and the teachers taught me amazing study tools, and helped me think outside the box while problem solving.  Aside from the great education, the relationships with the kids was extraordinary; some of my best friendships even today were made at SWCS.  The kindness of every kid younger and older made me feel nothing but safe and comfortable every day.  I had no regrets attending SWCS and my experience of other schools throughout my childhood in Yuma County I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else but Southwestern Christian School.  Go Lions!"  --Zach Dawson

"We attended Southwestern Christian School from Kindergarten to eighth grade.  It is a wonderful school.  We learned so much about our Lord and Savior.  We also learned good morals and values.  We were taught that God loves us and God has a special plan for us.  We are so grateful to have attended Southwestern Christian School."  --Kate and Alexis Havins

“Southwestern Christian is an amazing place full of Godly students and staff.  I am blessed to have gone to this school and to have benefited both spiritually and academically throughout my years attending SWCS.”  --Sami Nieto

“SWCS is an incredible environment where I grew not only as a student, but as a believer.  The teachers are so passionate about instilling Christ-like values in each student and that is something I will forever cherish.”  --Kacey Turner, Miss Yuma County 2015

“The time I spent at SWCS was a great learning experience that challenged my inquisitive nature and helped me grow closer to my God.  It provided me with the fundamental structure that prepared me for high school and shaped me into the young man I am today.  When I was young I had trouble paying attention and following instructions, but SWCS and the great teaching staff helped me overcome these obstacles and learn to have self-control and a spirit of kindness.  The teachers and my parents guided me and showed me that they would help me through this and that I would be able to overcome this with the help of the Lord.  To this day I am thankful to my family, all of my teachers, and Mrs. Stewart for giving me the foundation I needed to be able to have success in school and life as well as be a shining light for Christ.”  -- Ethan Leiker

“I attended SWCS from kinder all the way up to my 8th grade year.  This school has been such a blessing in my life and I thank my parents for the opportunity they gave me through it.  This school provides a top quality education that will leave a positive life long impact.  The teachers are among the highest quality I have had the pleasure of learning under, and to this day I still hold the utmost respect and adoration for all of them.  I would highly recommend this school as it will prepare the next generation both mentally and spiritually, and in today's dark world both traits are invaluable.”  --Hayden Leiker


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