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Why Christian Education?

A Christian school is a place where a child can receive spiritual training and academic studies while at the same time being a place where children are taught to implement Christian values and principles into every area of life. Christian principles are taught throughout the entire day, accomplished through a Christ-centered curriculum. It is also a primary concern that our teachers be born-again believing men and women who have placed God in His proper place as Lord of their own lives.

Why Southwestern Christian School  (SWCS)?

We are an ACSI Member School (Non-Accredited).

SWCS offers award-winning academic programs and extracurricular activities to provide children with a complete well-rounded education. Academic programs at all grade levels include math, science, English language and literature, history, information technology skills development, fine arts, and physical education. Extracurricular activities may include interscholastic athletics, orchestra, and choir. See details about both our academic and extracurricular programs through the "Academics" and "Student Life" pages of this website. You can find the links to these pages in the navigation bar at the top of this page. 

Before and after school care for working parents is also available through our Gatekeepers' program. The Gatekeepers' program provides a safe, creative place for children; homework assistance, games, and free play opportunities are provided. See the details about the Gatekeepers' program through the "Family Support Services" page of this website. The link to the page can be found under the "About Us" tab in the navigation bar at the top of this page.