Welcome to Mrs. Vanderzwart's Math Classes


The purpose of this website is to communicate with students and parents! 

Important classroom materials and assignments will be posted to this website so both students and parents can access them at anytime.

Calendars will be used to keep you updated on what is happening including assignments, due dates, test dates, and my available times.

Please use the links above to learn more about me and the courses that I teach!

Mrs. Vanderzwart's Schedule

1st Period        Planning/Duty                      512/504

2nd Period      Duty/CBI Geometry              504/512 

3rd Period       CBI Algebra I/CBI Geometry       512

4th Period        CBI Geometry/Planning             512

5th Period        Geometry                                   512 

6th Period        Lunch                             Math Office

7th Period        Geometry                                   512
8th Period        Geometry                                   512

You can also email (erin.vanderzwart@swcsd.us) or tweet me (@GCHSVandyMath) if you have questions