(My school email address is don.snavley@swcsd.us)

You can access your student grades at https://campus.swcs.us/campus/portal/southwestern.jsp

Updated, with any luck, every Tuesday with last weeks grades.

Welcome to Mr. Snavley's website!  To the left you will see the Navigation tool bar which has home helpful links.

The Welcome to Mr. Snavley's website page is full of interesting pictures from past experiments and great moments in class.
The Tentative schedule page has the past schedule as well as the next few days schedule and is updated daily.
The Handouts page has past handouts and has the coming week's handouts that I am able to post.
The about Mr. Snavley page has a few interesting facts about Mr. Snavley.
The Daily Schedule page has the locations where I might be found on a normal day to get additional help.
The Helpful links page is just that, some helpful links.
The SWCS grading policy page is everything that I have been sent about out most current grading policy