Well,  what an interesting week!  The power problem on Tuesday sent us home for half the day and I am sure the kids were excited to get out of the hot, humid building early.  Here are a few things students need to keep in mind: 
  1. They should only be lockering before school, before lunch, after lunch, and after school.
  2. They should always bring their Science Journal with them to every science class. 
  3. They should be promptly reporting to every class.
  4. Students should be studying new material each night to ensure they understand and they have the opportunity to ask questions about concepts they do not understand. 
Students not turning in their Parent Contact Log and the Parent Sign off Sheet need to turn these in on MONDAY. They are officially late. 

Last Week
Students were given their Science Journals on Tuesday/Wednesday and began to prepare their journals for the year.  On Thursday and Friday students investigated water and discussed how water behaves.  They learned water molecules are in constant motion, they are attracted to one another keeping them close together, but they have the ability to pull apart.  

Upcoming Week 
We will be using our new knowledge of the characteristics of water as a liquid to determine the characteristics of solids and gasses.  We will also review the building blocks of matter and that not all atoms are the same. Students will be using the chromebooks to build elements.  They will use the computers to learn how to log into Gizmo, IC, and ThinkCentral.