Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  I am looking forward to an exciting year filled with discovery, learning, and fun!  I will be using this web page as a tool to share what we are doing in school throughout the year.  Please use the links above to learn more about your course and stay up to date.

I always encourage students to seek help the moment they feel themselves falling behind or confused with the current material.

I am available during the following times for extra help/tutoring:
  • Before school:  7:20 - 7:45
  • During my 3rd period study hall
  • After school: Only by appointment
    • I need at least 1 day's notice that you want to meet after school.
Mrs. Fisher's Schedule:

Period 1: Precalculus

Period 2:  Planning

Period 3: Study Hall

Period 4: Precalculus

Period 5: AP Statistics

Period 6:  Lunch

Period 7: Algebra 2

Period 8: Algebra 2