Mr. Heacock's Home Page

Welcome to Grove City High School!!! 

Please make use of my website to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of Physical Science.  The calendar tab is updated daily to keep everyone in the loop as to what is happening each and everyday in Mr. H's Physical Science classroom. This is a great way for students to double check with what was done in class daily. As a parent it is a easy way to keep up with your student if there is ever a question as to what was happening in the world of Physical Science.

The infinite campus tab is a link to the students grades. As teachers input the grades and save them you will have access to see how things are progressing. I encourage both Parents and students to have a look at infinite campus when they have a free minute to check on the students grades. As a parent of students in the district this has been very beneficial to my kids....monitoring their own grades.  As a Dad It has also been a blessing to know in just a click of a button how things are going academically for each of my own children.  There is no excuse not to know how things are going academically.  Students should be in tune to their own progress...if there is ever a problem or question with what is in the grade book please encourage your student to speak to me before or after class or before or after school.  If that does not work then they can set up a meeting during my office hours.  Believe it or not I do make mistakes.

The GCHS, SWCS and GCHS ERC tabs are links to each of those sites which may be beneficial to you at sometime throughout the school year.  Browse through those when you have a minute...tons of information just a click away.  My bio is a tab for you just to get to know me a little better...put your minds at ease.  Lastly, the my classes tab is the general classroom rules and expectations for the Physical science classes plus a link to the Physical Science textbook.

Enjoy Grove City High School and all the experiences/opportunities that lie ahead...make the most of it!!

Kevin D. Heacock
Physical Science Teacher - GCHS