Welcome to the Monterey art room! 
Art Announcements!
This year, I'll be using Class Dojo's class and school story features to send home information about what's going on in the art room! Your student will bring home an invitation for you to sign up, which I hope everyone will do. Please let me know if you have questions - I'd love for everyone to be connected!

Who am I?
My name is Mrs. Jessica Burley and I teach art at both Monterey and Darbydale.  This year I will be at Monterey Tuesday - Friday! I am very excited to begin a new year here at Monterey.  We will begin working with the creation of our art portfolios.  Each year we create a special portfolio which will include much of the work we create this year in art class. We'll also be displaying some of that great artwork at the Music & Art Showcase on March 15, 2018! Stay tuned for details! We will be drawing, painting, sculpting, and making mixed media creations this year. If you have any questions, please email me at jessica.burley@swcsd.us or by phone at (614) 801-8250.I am looking forward to a wonderful and creative year with the great artists at Monterey!

What will we learn this year?
Kindergarten students will focus on learning the basic elements of art - line, shape, color, and how those elements become amazing artwork! We'll study some artists from around the world, explore many media, and communicate about our artwork.
1st Grade
1st graders will build on the elements of art that they learned in kindergarten to make more complex artwork. They will use watercolor, tempera, ceramics, pastels, and more to make art that tells about themselves and the world around them. Students will study artists from all over the world and talk about artwork.

2nd grade
This year, second grade students will be learning about self-portraits, landscapes with fore, middle, and background and overlapping to show space in the picture plane, making realistic and abstract art, and more! By using many media, including printmaking, drawing, painting, and working with clay, they will expand their skills from kindergarten and first grade. We will be learning about artists from around the world, including Ancient Egypt, and communicating through spoken and written language about their work and ours.

3rd grade
Third grade students will continue to develop their skills as artists, working in many diverse media including tempera, watercolor, printmaking, ceramics, pastels, and collage. They will be exploring art history with a unit on medieval art, as well as discussing artists from all over the world. They will also be creating self-portraits, learning to use values in their artwork, creating abstract and realistic artwork, as well as learning about architecture. We will also communicate about our artwork, and other art, in spoken and written communication.

4th grade
Fourth grade students have great opportunities to make and think about artwork! They will be creating vibrant landscapes and using overlap in the picture plane to show depth in the fore, middle and background, thinking about and creating realistic and abstract art, looking at Ancient Art from Ohio and Ancient Greece, and much more. Fourth graders will use watercolor, tempera, pastels, collage and and other media this year. We'll discuss some great art from around the world, learn to write about art using the ODIP method, and think critically about our own art.