Welcome to Miss Jenna's Classroom
What We're Learning
Unit 8: Healthy Food/Healthy Body
Essential ?: Why is healthy food and exercise good for me?
Focus ?'s:
Week 1: What are good healthy habits?
Week 2: What kinds of foods are healthy?
Week 3: Why is exercise important?
Week 4: How can I stay healthy?
Last 2 Weeks: Summer Fun

Important Dates
May 11: First Annual Art Show
May 16: PTA Meeting @ PSC @ 6:30
May 17: Library Day
May 30: No School - Memorial Day
May 31: Ice Cream Party
June 1: Field Day 
June 2: Last Day of Preschool - final Progress Reports go home 

Peer Tuition
Reminder: Peer Tuition is due no later than the 15th of every month. 

It is our program policy that you report your child off school when absent. If we are not notified either by phone call or email, we will be making phone calls during the first half hour of the school day to get an excuse for absences.