Feel free to contact me at any time! I will respond most promptly to an email or a note in your child's agenda, but I am happy to return your phone call or schedule a time to meet in person as well! 

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Email Address: bethany.adams@swcsd.us 
School Phone Number: (614) 801-8150

Our class discussed what Harmon's expectations will look like in our classroom and school, and then signed the poster, promising to live by these expectations and virtues in our classroom, in our school, and on the bus and playground.

Homework Notes:

Please remember to check your child's agenda book every night, and please sign it daily after all work listed has been completed!


The grading scale used in class is similar to the quarterly progress reports.


Student met the expectation independently.


Student met the expectation with help from teacher and/or peers.


Student was unable to meet expectations even with help from teacher/peers.

** Students will generally not receive a “4” on assignments in class.  This mark is reserved for students who go above and beyond the given expectations.  

Please note that DT designates a paper that was "done together." These papers are taken for a participation grade as the class completes or checks them with my guidance. Similarly, CT designates a paper that was "checked together" in class. We do not give letter grades in fourth grade.