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Please use this website to stay up-to-date on what is happening in class. I will post a daily schedule of activities, homework assignments, and important dates. 

How to Access the Textbook Online

1. Go to
2. Your username is your six digit student ID number followed by .swcsd (no spaces). If your student ID number does not contain six numbers, put zeros before it.
    Example: 001234.swcsd
3. Your password is your three initials and six digit birthday with no spaces. 
    Example: abc010203

Do you want to receive text alerts and updates? Text your class code to 81010. Parents are also encouraged to subscribe.

English II, Period 1: @h337a73
English II, Period 3: @73673b
Accelerated English II, Period 4: @9gf9gk
English II, Period 6: @bc22ae
English II, Period 8: @e47g2