Welcome to Mrs. Furlong's Biology Webpage. I trust that you are ready for an adventure in learning. Remember that I am not to be your source of knowledge, only a guide. Knowledge in the field of Biology and particularly Genetics is expanding at an incredible rate. We need each other to pose questions that fuel our curiosity. Share the knowledge that you find! Buckle in guys, because it is going to be a wild ride!

My mission: I always had a deep sense of curiosity about how the body worked, chemicals mixed together, and nature. (I cut up the overlay parts in our encyclopedia set and put them inside my dolls, so I could operate.) I was so very fortunate to have several great teachers as I grew up in Clinton, Tennessee that nurtured my quest for knowledge. Then my 8th and senior year Biology teacher, Mr. Holtzclaw, provided learning opportunities that ignited a simple curiosity into a passion. (AP kids: You will notice his name on a lot of our materials.) I want to share that passion with you. For some of you, I hope to peek curiosity. For others, to ignite a desire to know even more.

No apologies, it is a fact. Both Accelerated Biology and AP Biology are challenging courses. Not impossible, just challenging. There may be times that you will not like me, the course or yourself (for signing up for the class), but I encourage you to hang on, push through and emerge victorious. You are going to find that there is no greater sense of accomplishment than knowing you faced an intellectual challenge and won!