Welcome to Fourth Grade

Hello! This school year, your student will have three teachers.  We will be co-teaching in all subject areas. We believe this will give students with a variety of learning differences the opportunity to have their needs addressed by three teachers.  

Mrs. Ashworth

This is my 19th year in the district and my ninth year teaching 4th grade at Harmon.   I am married and have one daughter who is a senior in college.  I enjoy reading, swimming, scrapbooking and spending time with family and friends.  I look forward to getting to know your child and working with you.  

Mrs. Burris

This is my 19th year of teaching, and my ninth year teaching 4th grade at Harmon.  I am married and have two sons. One attends Jackson Middle School and the other one is at Hayes Intermediate.  We are very busy with hectic sport schedules as we are at the ball field almost every night. When not attending sporting events, I also enjoy reading and scrapbooking as well.

Mr. Weikert

The 2015-2016 School Year marks Mr. Weikert's 17th year as a teacher.  This will be Mr. Weikert's 14th year at Harmon Elementary .... A place where Mr. Weikert considers home.  Mr. Weikert will also be working with the Harmon Student Council this year.  Outside of Harmon, Mr. Weikert is the Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach at Upper Arlington and is a die hard STEELERS fan !!!

Homework Procedures:

You can expect your child to have homework Monday-Thursday every week in math unless NONE is written in the agenda.  We expect your child to complete ALL of the homework.  If they get stuck on a problem, that is okay.  We ask that they at least TRY to solve the problem.  Your child should not be spending more than 30 minutes to complete homework.  If after 30 minutes of quiet uninterrupted time, your child is still not finished, please draw a line and initial where they stopped. We realize math can be confusing and may look different from when you were in school.  You are always welcome to write us a note with any questions. Please have your child do homework in pencil.

You can also expect your child to have reading homework throughout the year, starting in October.  A reading packet, including a reading passage, short-answer questions and also extended response questions, will be sent home twice a month.  They will have two weeks to complete each reading packet.  You may assist your child as needed as long as they follow the procedures we have taught them in class.  This will be taken for a grade.

The grading scale we use in class is similar to the quarterly progress reports.


Student met the expectation independently.


Student met the expectation with help from teachers and/or peers.


Student was unable to meet expectations even with help from teacher/peers.

** Students will generally not receive a “4” on assignments in class.  This mark is reserved for students who go above and beyond the given expectations.  

Agenda Books and Homework Folders:

The school has supplied your child with an agenda book and homework folder.  We will use these daily in all of our classes.  The agenda book is a vital way of communicating between school and home.  We require a parent’s signature daily in the agenda book. When you sign the agenda, please make sure all of the listed work IS completed.  Your child will receive rewards for this.   Level one indicates that there were no problems (if no level in agenda, then your child was on level one) and levels 2-5 will be accompanied with a short comment as to the reason for the level choice. The levels will carry throughout the week not daily.  This is a change from last year.  

The homework folder is also another vital piece for your child.  Your child will use this for important papers and homework.  This should come to school and home daily with the agenda book. They will bring home their homework folder on Monday with all of their papers from the week (please look through them with your child).

Specials Schedule:​ (Mrs. Ashworth) Special Schedule​: ​(Mrs.Burris)

Tuesday: Music                 Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Art         Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: P.E.                 Thursday: Music

Friday: Computer and Library every other week

Recess/Lunch:​ 12:05-12:25 PM / 12:30-1:00 PM

Birthdays:   Due to food allergies, the district no longer allows a food treat.  You are welcome to send in non-food item to give to the class.

Contact Information:

Feel free to contact us at any time.  You can contact us through the agenda book or email us at tamra.ashworth@swcsd.us, sheri.burris@swcsd.us and matthew.weikert@swcsd.us .

Agenda books are checked first thing in the mornings, so this is the quickest way to contact us.  Please do not leave messages on voicemail, as we are unable to check our messages on a daily basis and will most likely not respond in a timely manner.

Look forward to exciting news on our web page at https://sites.google.com/a/swcsd.us/harmon-dream-team/

Fourth Grade Curriculum        

The attached packet outlines the fourth grade curriculum, explaining what your student will be learning in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.  

Social Studies:

  • History (Ohio history; artifacts)

  • Geography (directions;Ohio and the US)

  • Government (Constitution; 3 branches)

  • Economics (entrepreneurship; savings)


  • Science Literacy (uses technology and information to design and solve problems)

  • Earth and Space ( earth’s surface and its changes)

  • Physical Science (conservation of matter; electricity; heat and matter)

  • Life Science (Earth’s living history; fossil evidence for comparisons)