Welcome to Mrs. Gregor's Classroom

~Welcome to Mrs. Gregor's  Homepage~

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 The purpose of this website is to help students and parents keep track of what is going on in our classroom. Please use this site to review information AND to get work you may have missed due to an absence.

REMINDER: Students may submit homework, papers, and projects through Google Docs. However, as we are transitioning into the Google process, this is simply an option for turning in work and students will be required to submit a google turn in sheet in class.

Digital Textbooks:
Collections: http://my.hrw.com/
 Username: student's six digit id number .swcsd 
Password: student's initials and six digit birthday

Username: 012345.swcsd
Password: abc011234

Username: student's six digit id number @swcsd.us
Password: Student Created

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