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High School Menu

In addition to our regular menu below, we offer online, interactive menus that show the nutrition information for our breakfast and lunch items. 
  1. To view the interactive high school menu, click here. You will be taken directly to the interactive menu Web site.
  2. Enter your student's school name in the first box, choose the menu (breakfast or lunch), and click the green box to go to the menu.
  3. The menu lists the foods that will be served at your student's school for the month. When you 'hover' your cursor over the food item, you will see nutrition information for that food item.
The menus can be accessed in a variety of different languages by using the drop down list in the top right-hand corner. Menus can also be printed for those wishing to send a copy to school with their child.

For Allergy Information - On the right-hand bar, click the gray box "Filter by Allergen," check the food to which your student is allergic, and note the menu items that turn gray. Those foods have the allergen in them and should not be eaten by your student. Please have a special dietary needs form on file with the school to ensure we know what we should do for your child.

For Carbohydrate Counts - Select the "Build a Menu" bar on the day your student plans to eat at school and choose the food items. The system will automatically add the carbohydrates for the meal at the bottom of the page.