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2017-2018 SBC and Pay to Participate Dates
Fall 2017            July 28, 2017                SBC Applications Due
                        August 4, 2017             SBC Announces Recipients/Non-Recipients to DSC
                        August 11, 2017            Pay-to-Participate Fees Due

Winter 2017       November 3, 2017         SBC Applications Due
                        November 10, 2017       SBC Announces Recipients/Non-Recipients to DSC
                        November 17, 2017       Pay-to-Participate Fees Due

Spring 2018       March 9, 2018              SBC Applications Due
                        March 16, 2018            SBC Announces Recipients/Non-Recipients to DSC
                        March 23, 2018            Pay-to-Participate Fees Due
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If you are a new student to FHHS and have enrolled at the SWCSD Student Enrollment Center, please come to the athletic office to get information regarding eligibility

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Our Administration

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Toby Fischer
Assistant Principal
Kyle Gibson
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
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Assistant Principal