We are very excited for the 2018-2019 school year! It is going to be a year full of fun, learning, and lots of adventures! Be assured that we will work hard to make sure that this school year is an enjoyable experience for your child. This year is also a time for real learning. The skills we practice daily in preschool are the building blocks for your child’s future in school and in life. We are eager to get to know you and your child - please see attached paper to learn a little more about the staff members who will be working with your child throughout the year.


                      - Ms. Emily, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Natascha

Following are some details about our classroom:

School Hours/Pick Up/Drop Off

            AM Preschool 8:30-11:15

                AM drop off time: 8: 25 am

                AM pick up time: 11:10 am

PM Preschool 12:15-3:00

    PM drop off time: 12:10

    PM pick up time: 2:55

  • You may need to pick up your child early throughout the year for appointments, etc. that you have scheduled. Please remember that the rest of the class will still be learning, so please try to limit distractions.


  • Communication folders are a vital way that the teacher and families can communicate on a regular basis. Please send the folder to school and review the contents daily.

  • At the beginning of each week you will receive a weekly newsletter . The weekly newsletter will inform you about important information such as: the weekly theme and letter, activities being done in the classroom, important upcoming dates and other classroom news.

  • Each day you will also receive a brief daily report about your child’s day such as an activity that he or she enjoyed, a skill that was worked on, etc.

Change of clothing

Accidents do happen! We ask that you put a change of clothes (socks, underwear, shirt and pants) in a ziplock bag with your child’s name on the outside of the bag. We will keep the clothes at school in case they are needed. Please label all items of clothing that can be easily misplaced such as coats, jackets, mittens, and hats.


If your child is in diapers or pull-ups, please send in enough for the first few weeks of school and a pack of wipes as well. When your child’s supply is running low we will send a note home requesting for more to be sent in.


Snack will be provided daily for all preschool students. Due to district policy, you may not bring in your own snack for your child. A snack menu will always be sent home so you know what your child will be having. The snack menu will also be posted on the classroom website.


We do not do birthday parties at school. If you would like to send something in (NOT FOOD, DUE TO DISTRICT POLICY), to celebrate your child’s birthday that is fine and is something that can be passed out. If you would like birthday invitations passed out that is fine too.


Encouraging student growth in a nurturing environment.



The South-Western Preschool Program is committed to making a community effort to give all children the best opportunity to learn.

How to Find Us:

We are located in Room 003 at Prairie Norton Elementary.

Phone Number: (614) 801-8450