Family and Consumer Sciences 

not your old Home Economics anymore.

Family and Consumer Sciences is the discipline that prepares young people for living in today's world as well as tomorrow's. We provide experiences in all areas of our curriculum to strengthen family life and to prepare students for the multiples roles they will hold in the future such as parent, family member, wage earner and community member.  We prepare them for adult roles including work and family responsibilities. 

Webster's Definition of Family and Consumer - Science and art of teaching career planning, job skills, resource management, time management, nutrition, food preparation, menu planning, parenting, substance abuse, child care and development, healthy living, clothing and textiles, consumer education, money management, decision making, problem solving, human relationships, family development and anything else that touches the home and heart.

If you have any questions or need to contact me please email me at Daphne.Hedgecock@swcsd.us 

Thank you
Daphne Hedgecock
Family and Consumer Science Teacher Central Crossing High School

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