Welcome to second grade in Room 133!  We are going to learn a lot and have fun doing it!  Check out the website and learn more about what is happening in Mrs. Heine's class.

The special schedule for the year will be:  
MONDAY: 1:30-2:00, Library (Hopefully, this will be confirmed soon!)
TUESDAY: 10:20-11:10, Art
WEDNESDAY: 10:20-11:10, Music
THURSDAY: 9:20-10:10, Phys. Ed. 

Homework Reminder: Math homework will begin in October and will always be due on the last day of the week (usually Friday!)  Reading homework will be whenever your student has a bag of books in his/her backpack.  There will be a few pages of math and 15 minutes of reading each night.  Life gets busy, so exceptions can always be made.  However, if forgetting homework becomes a habit, students will lose Class Dojo points and complete their homework during recess.