Hayes Intermediate Educational Resource Center Mrs. Aliff - Librarian

What's New in The Library?

This year the students can come to the library and blog about a book that they have read.  It is called:
 "Hey" What are you Reading?   You can view this blog by going to:   www.hayesmonday.blogspot.com  from home.

We are excited to be sharing and reading about the fun books that are in our Library at Hayes.
Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 School Year 

August 2016

Welcome to our Hayes ERC/Media Center.  I am excited for this new school year.  Our library is open everyday at Hayes and is available to our students.
Don't forget that we collect Box Tops for Education in our Hayes Library and use the money collected to buy new books each year.  You can send them anytime throughout the year!
I look forward to seeing and helping the students find great books to read in from ERC.

Mrs. Aliff

A Little About Me

I have been with the district since 1992.  I started as an assessment aide at Finland Elementary.  I have worked in kindergarten for 17 years as an aide and also as an ERC aide.  The school I previously worked at was Monterey Elementary.  
This past year was my second year at Hayes Intermediate School. 
I have been married 37 years to my husband Kevin, we have two married sons and we have 5 grandchildren!
 I am happy and excited to be here.