Renoir Visual Analysis Tool
SW Complete and DoD Team Up To Bring Visual Analysis
to the Commercial Market!

SW Complete, Inc. (SWC) and the Department of Defense recently announced its technology partnership to offer licensing, training and customized development services for RENOIR, the DoD's premier visual analysis software.

For more information, email: 
phone: 410-404-0195

Renoir Transforms Your Data into Actionable Knowledge and Understanding!
The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and strengthen the network defensive operations in all areas of society. SWC is uniquely qualified to lead the expansion of RENOIR into commercial and external government agencies. Chief Technologist and original co-founder of SWC, Michele Moore, worked side-by-side with the software's chief architect and researcher, beginning in 1996, to help develop and teach the origins of RENOIR to the signals intelligence organizations. In 2004, SWC successfully led the efforts to transfer the technology from research into mainstream analysis and production that supports all of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Customer Relationship Management
  • Network mapping displays and conveys posture of every element, e.g., monitors/displays critical status indicators, trouble areas, key outreach posts, critical networking structure
  • Follow the links for contact-chaining, sequence of time-based events, market trends, e.g., sales-customer relationships, inventory/supply management
Insider Threat Analysis, Data Mining
  • Performs deep analytics and correlations on structured and unstructured data feeds to produce actionable results for defense, remediation, and improvement
  • Clusters by group, subgroups; shows the “ties” between them, e.g., related_to, lives_with, reports_to, buys_from, works_for, borrows_from, etc.
Financial Transactions, Network Traffic Logs
  • Enables real-time sharing of detailed information and results for threat intelligence, fraud detection, analytics, network mapping for health and status of network
  • Identifies candidates for further investigation, with ranking distributions, locations, e.g., abnormally high levels of business in traditionally quiet areas, out of network data.
Cyber Security with Real-time Data Feeds
  • Open Java API to fully integrate with any other network defense technologies that might be in use, e.g., Nextgen firewall, IDS/IPS, DNS blackholing, etc.
  • Renoir's scatterplot, bar graph, and timeline windows help you discover outliers, heavier/lighter than expected traffic for time of day, day of week, anomaly detection Renoir