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What's Going on in the Library Spring 2017?

4th grade students interview members of the Swampscott Senior Center!

4th graders used Library/Tech time to write interview questions, practice interview skills, video-taping strategies, and still photography in preparation for a visit from Swampscott Senior Citizens. The following video, compiled by Mrs. Morgan, brings all of the pieces together. The background music was used with permission from Music Together LLC. “The Lovesong of Kangding” traditional Chinese (Sichuan) folk song, arranged and adapted by Kenneth K. Guilmartin. ©2005 Music Together LLC (ASCAP). Used by permission.

4th grade interview final 2017.mp4

Welcome to the Clarke Elementary School library website. On this site you will find information about library programs, policies, volunteer opportunities, new books, and library promotions. You will also find information to help you with your research including a link to the library catalog, research databases, and websites.

The mission of the Swampscott Elementary School Libraries is to:

  • provide equitable access to information and resources for all elementary students
  • expose students to literature from a variety of genres
  • encourage thoughtful engagement with stories in multiple ways (listening, speaking, thinking, writing, drawing)
  • demonstrate the library is available for recreational reading and reading for information
  • show students the library has something for everybody
  • be fully integrated into and supportive of the district curriculum
  • ensure that all students are effective users of ideas and information
  • teach information seeking strategies
  • expose students to the technology used to access information
  • teach students to use technology to create
  • promote information and media literacy for all students
All library lessons serve to meet the library mission.

This reading promotion has ended for the year! Stay tuned for the next reading promotion.

 Janet Frasca, MLS
School Library Media Specialist
 Mia Morgan, MLS, EdD 
School Library Media Specialist

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